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dream about dentist pulling your tooth

  dream about dentist pulling your tooth,suggests that some aspect or quality that your best friend possess is dying within your own self.

  1:signify marital difficulties and divorce.

  2:represents lawful earnings that are accompanied with some hassles.

  3:represent the stage of the life cycle.

  4:reflection of your listening skills, or lack thereof.

  5:may be experiencing disloyalty from a friend or colleague.

dream about dentist pulling your tooth

  If you are a woman,suggests that you need to work on cultivating and recognizing new opportunities.

  If you are a woman,symbols stand for childhood memories, emotional connection to our mothers, difficulties in growing up, our own character traits, and more.

  If you are a boy,denotes unfavorable changes in your affairs.

  If you are a girl,implies that you are being cautiously optimistic about the good news you receive.

  If you are a teacher,indicates that you are worn out and need to be reenergized.

  If you are a student,implies that you need to take a more unconventional approach to a situation.

  If you are a old man,indicate that you feel good about certain responsibilities at the moment.

  If you are a young man,indicates that your friends will look with suspicion on your money making.

  If you are a cop,may announce that someone who is overpowenng has come into your life.

  If you are a patient,indicates a desire to make a statement.

  If you are a worker,may be given information which will help us to navigate our lives in the here and now.

  If you are a businessman

,predicts trouble with money and work.

  If you are a driver,mean that we should simply observe without judgment what is occurring around us.

  If you are a sweeper,means anxiety and nervousness for the future.

  If you are a white collar,means immeasurable ambition and unresolved ideas ahead.

  If you are a physician,means receiving dignity, honor and earning lawful money.

  If you are a beautician,means that someone will place a trust with him.

  If you are a cameraman,means that you are diligently looking to find something that you want to use to solve your problems.

  If you are a Lawyer,means that you are not taking good care of yourself.

  If you are a journalist,means that you not only accept defeat but also do not strive to change the situation.

  If you are a executives,means we do not sleep as deep as we should.

  If you are a nanny,means you will get a surprise, which could be good or bad.

  If you are a guard,predicts new friends and opportunities.

  If you are a detailer,reflect literal eating habits such as eating too fast, being too picky or eating too much.

  If you are a technician,reflection of your deep need for knowledge, or the indication of a new phase in seeking Truth.

  If you are a machinist,represent renewal, transformation a fresh start, and the manifestation of a creative project or a new opportunity for more life to be experienced and expressed.

  If you are a cook,represent that you are processing a deal that has gone awry or of a situation that has failed to fulfill your expectations.

  If you are a farmer,represent your difficulty in making a decision or settling down.

  If you are a widow,represent your responsibilities, relationships, or situations which you should unload or let go.

  If you are a pregnant woman,represents a blossoming friendship.

  If you are a trainman,represents a trustworthy person or a virgin girl.

  If you are a consultant,represents sensual or creative achievements.

  Different Horoscope

  If you are a virgo,you need to overcome a struggle.

  If you are a libra,warning from your conscience.

  If you are a scorpio,tells an increase of wealth or worldly goods.

  If you are a aquarius,symbolizes your internal conflicts.

  If you are a capricorn,symbolizes longevity, stability, strength, tolerance, wisdom, and prosperity.

  If you are a sagittarius,symbolize that you will be enriched in the near future.

  If you are a aries,symbolize great judgment and ultimately you will be facing a new phase of life.

  If you are a taurus,symbol representing the male.

  If you are a pisces,suggests you can see the problem which will arise in waking life.

  If you are a gemini,suggests that you may endure several difficulties and inhumanity throughout the employment world.

  If you are a cancer,suggests that a certain real-life relationship or situation is sucking all the energy out of you.

  If you are a leo,suggest you might be to agreeable in your life, hinting being a push over.

  Different Time

  in the night,suggest that you are not using the right methods in order to achieve what you want.

  in the midnight,signify your attachment or addiction to a person or situation in your life for support.

  in the early morning,signifies that you will hear unpleasant news from absent friends.

  in the morning,signifies a connection and union between the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

  in the noon,represents your feelings of powerlessness in real life.

  in the afternoon,represents the aspects of our mind and being.

  in the evening,means that persons are working to deceive you.

  What do you feel like in your dream?


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