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dreams about someone i've never met

  dreams about someone i've never met,symbol of abundance and new growth in your life.

  1:signifies that you will make warm friends by your unselfish devotion to the wishes of others.

  2:represents ways in which we are capable of bringing all those aspects together and making a coherent whole.

  3:represents abundance financially or personally.

  4:refers to untrustworthy friends.

  5:may be overlooking something that is in plain view.

dreams about someone i've never met

  If you are a woman,tells you to look around for new and happy love.

  If you are a woman,tells that unfriendly persons will delight in annoying you and giving you needless worry.

  If you are a boy,denotes the constancy of those about you and a well-grounded fortune.

  If you are a girl,implies that you are focused on your responsibilities in life.

  If you are a teacher,indicates that you will have a troublous but interesting career.

  If you are a student,implies that you have left yourself open for psychic attack; you may have been holding negative views of life that has in turn left you vulnerable to experiencing even more negativity.

  If you are a old man,indicate the feelings of pressure and there is a need to remove stress.

  If you are a young man,indicates that your struggles to amass wealth is animated by the desire of gratifying selfish and lewd principles which should be mastered and controlled.

  If you are a cop,may be attempting to make contact with a part of ourselves that has stopped functioning.

  If you are a patient,indicates rebirth, internal development, motivation, and wishes.

  If you are a cashier,may need to decide whether or not a project or idea needs reviving with new input or allowed to die away quietly.

  If you are a businessman

,maybe experienced violence and brutality.

  If you are a driver,meaning good friendships and an active social life.

  If you are a cementer,means coming profits, or benefits for ones life and his family through the person operating it.

  If you are a white collar,means increase in knowledge and wealth.

  If you are a doctor,means people will come to you for advice.

  If you are a barber,means that one will be reprimanded by such a wise person.

  If you are a cameraman,means that you are having a hard time focusing in your waking life and could use some meditation or visualization techniques.

  If you are a attorney,means that you have control over your own thoughts.

  If you are a reporter,means that you will be honored soon.

  If you are a executives,means travelling from one place to another and gaining fame.

  If you are a nurse,means you can transfer your fears and your vulnerability in life to a positive situation.

  If you are a security guard,predicts a new situation in which you will have to stay calm and use your head.

  If you are a sales staff,refers to your desires to connect with someone on an emotional and mental level.

  If you are a technician,reflecting your own repressed feelings then there is something else going on.

  If you are a machinist,represent receptivity, willingness to allow something new to come in, and that you are a Yes to new opportunities.

  If you are a chef,represent some hidden knowledge that was just discovered.

  If you are a farmer,represent the inner fears and insecurities that you may have to deal with.

  If you are a widow,representative of bad situations in our waking life.

  If you are a pregnant woman,represents a blossoming friendship.

  If you are a trainman,represents a state of helplessness.

  If you are a bookkeeper,represents festivities and joy.

  Different Horoscope

  If you are a virgo,you need to rely on your intuition and trust your own instincts.

  If you are a libra,warning that you will have to control your temper and/or your impulsive actions in order to avoid antagonizing someone whose respect you value.

  If you are a scorpio,tells unhappy dissensions and loss of friends.

  If you are a aquarius,telling you to appreciate and be gratified with your current given situations because any of those situations could have been worse.

  If you are a capricorn,symbolizes great loss and misery.

  If you are a sagittarius,symbolize the way you function and interact with your family or community.

  If you are a aries,symbolize different moods, bright or dark, optimism or depression.

  If you are a taurus,symbol of being or feeling stuck in your life.

  If you are a pisces,symbol for how you are moving along your path in life.

  If you are a gemini,suggests that you have discovered something about yourself that is precious.

  If you are a cancer,suggests that serene and happy days are coming your way.

  If you are a leo,suggests information that is available to everyone and therefore is widely understood.

  Different Time

  in the night,suggest that things are not coming together the way you want it to.

  in the midnight,signifies your search for knowledge and truth.

  in the early morning,signifies that you will have occasion to congratulate yourself on your good fortune.

  in the morning,signifies passing legal worries.

  in the noon,represents your need for help from others.

  in the afternoon,represents someone who interferes in peoples business.

  in the evening,may be analogous to your lack of commitment to work.

  What do you feel like in your dream?


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