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meaning of langston hughes dream deferred

  meaning of langston hughes dream deferred,suggests that you now have an obvious solution to a problem or a situation that has been bothering you.

  1:signifies sickness and death.

  2:represents trickery and deception.

  3:represents challenging amusements in life.

  4:refers to an aspect of your relationship with this person is not growing or maturing.

  5:may be feeling over anxious about your next move and need to relax and let yourself take the next step despite your fear.

meaning of langston hughes dream deferred

  If you are a woman,indicates that you are acknowledging the authoritarian within yourself.

  If you are a woman,you need to express yourself in a better way also show parental responsibility is around the corner.

  If you are a boy,denotes lack of self-confidence and a sense of alienation.

  If you are a girl,Embarrassment as a hole brings to light the persons hidden weaknesses which only they know about, this is usually so secret that there is a level of fear of other people finding out what you are afraid of.

  If you are a teacher,indicates that you are overcoming your obstacles and physical limitations.

  If you are a student,implies that you have kept parts of yourself from those around you and have a great need to be ambiguous.

  If you are a old man,indicate that we need to be aware that we can make mistakes in being too harsh with other people.

  If you are a young man,indicates the need to push out your ill thoughts.

  If you are a soldier,may also help bring peace to this matter.

  If you are a patient,indicates severe restrictions imposed on self.

  If you are a staff,may be time for change and a rearrangement of agreements and commitments.

  If you are a businessman

,represent something in business that didn"t work out.

  If you are a driver,mean the return of a prodigal son.

  If you are a welders,means failure to properly fulfill ones duties.

  If you are a white collar,means indulging in sin and mixing with its people.

  If you are a physician,means satisfying ones desires.

  If you are a hairdresser,means taking advantage of a noble woman.

  If you are a photographer,means that soon you will receive good news.

  If you are a Lawyer,means that you are thinking about taking the anger away from someone.

  If you are a journalist,means that you walk through life with grace and poise.

  If you are a executives,means there is something you thought you have left in the past that is still haunting you.

  If you are a nurse,means you focus a lot on your daily strengths and powers.

  If you are a bodyguard,refers to parts of ourselves that havent been functioning properly.

  If you are a detailer,reflect profound experiences from the past.

  If you are a programmer,reflects a weakness of character and emotional dissatisfaction.

  If you are a designer,represent an idea or spirit that had fiery characteristics.

  If you are a cook,represent the feeling of being grounded.

  If you are a farmer,represent unbridled enthusiasm.

  If you are a widow,representation of sacrifice, sincere feelings, and commitment.

  If you are a expectant mother,represents a period of tranquility and prosperity.

  If you are a steward,represents conscientious attention to duty.

  If you are a secretary,represents our ability to share basic experience.

  Different Horoscope

  If you are a virgo,you need to really make sure you and everyone close to you are ok.

  If you are a libra,you need to conquer despite the difficulties presented.

  If you are a scorpio,tells enemies will succeed in their schemes against you.

  If you are a aquarius,telling you to put the brakes on, whether it is business or love, or even some impetuous act that could cause you legal trouble.

  If you are a capricorn,symbolizes that you have been delaying an important decision on which you would be wise to act.

  If you are a sagittarius,symbolize some younger aspect of your own self.

  If you are a aries,symbolic of the heart of any matter.

  If you are a taurus,symbolic of a crafty and scheming individual, Lk.

  If you are a pisces,suggests that you should embark on a mission of inner discovery and comprehension.

  If you are a gemini,suggests that you are ready to move forward into a new phase in your life.

  If you are a cancer,suggests that you are feeling restricted and limited in the expression of your ideas and feelings.

  If you are a leo,suggests either taking shelter or submitting to someone elses handling of us.

  Different Time

  in the night,suggest that many people want to be part of your life.

  in the midnight,signify an impediment to full creative expression, our ability to give form to our ideas.

  in the early morning,signifies that you are trying to evade a problem or situation that you believe has nothing to do with you.

  in the morning,signifies gratifying success in your endeavors.

  in the noon,represents vital and balanced opposites: the couple, marriage, emotion and action, the father and the mother, etc.

  in the afternoon,represents the feminine aspects which you have neglected or overlooked.

  in the evening,implies that you will soon receive reimbursement for your hard work.

  What do you feel like in your dream?


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