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what do dreams about the color white mean

  what do dreams about the color white mean,symbol pertaining to a woman.

  1:signifies some unknown or unacknowledged power.

  2:represents sophistication and grace.

  3:represent the necessity to resolve a pending issue.

  4:reminder to become a witness to your thoughts surrounding the addiction, whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, etc.

  5:may be easily irritated and frustrated by minor matters.

what do dreams about the color white mean

  If you are a woman,means winning the love of your life through an unhappy event.

  If you are a woman,means sorrow and distress for its dwellers, or it could mean the loss of a beloved.

  If you are a boy,denotes uneasiness in your daily life.

  If you are a girl,implies humiliation and shame.

  If you are a teacher,indicates that you tend to leave things to chance or fate.

  If you are a student,imply your hidden anxieties.

  If you are a old man,indicate that you will feel empowered in the future.

  If you are a young man,indicates your fears that you wont be able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life.

  If you are a police,may be experiencing emotional pain, possibly related to a romantic situation.

  If you are a patient,indicates remarkable outcomes in all your personal undertakings.

  If you are a cashier,may not feel as if you are an equal to your peers.

  If you are a businessman

,mean strength, power and protection from ones enemy.

  If you are a driver,mean that things in your life are neglected, so think about what is important.

  If you are a sweeper,means anxiety and nervousness for the future.

  If you are a white collar,means living with a difficult wife.

  If you are a doctor,means paying someone his due rights.

  If you are a beautician,means that people are going to be supporting you.

  If you are a cameraman,means that you are comfortable in your own body.

  If you are a attorney,means that you may be upset over someone"s behavior.

  If you are a reporter,means that you will be kissed in the near future.

  If you are a supervisor,means you are already familiar with a certain set of skills but you"re wanting to master something new.

  If you are a nurse,means you should be prepared for an unpleasant surprise ahead.

  If you are a bodyguard,refers to emerging subconscious thoughts and feelings.

  If you are a detailer,reflect your inner critic and that you releasing feelings of guilt for having done something wrong.

  If you are a programmer,reflects insecurity and fear of the events of life, but it also shows your desire for rebellion against inner oppression.

  If you are a designer,represent an inappropriate use of the resources that we have.

  If you are a cook,represent the dominant and powerful role of adults in the lives of children.

  If you are a farmer,represent your desire to look into and find out about the future.

  If you are a widow,representative of an aspect of character that can be changed, something nasty that can be changed into good.

  If you are a expectant mother,represents a lot more than just the sexual and psychological aspects.

  If you are a trainman,represents an evil and an accursed man.

  If you are a accountant,represents how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny.

  Different Horoscope

  If you are a virgo,you need to remove someone or something from your life immediately.

  If you are a libra,warning to stay back or not be too confident or cocky in your life, lest you miss a valuable key piece of information needed to proceed.

  If you are a scorpio,tells that you will have many good chances to marry.

  If you are a aquarius,tell a sudden change in your life that will make you more honorable.

  If you are a capricorn,symbolizes deception, incompetence, false impressions, pretentiousness and falsehood.

  If you are a sagittarius,symbolize that you are faced with issues of whether or not to surrender your individuality or to hold on to it and risk feeling separate, alone and fragile.

  If you are a aries,symbolic of your flowing emotions.

  If you are a taurus,symbol of renewal and spiritual cleansing.

  If you are a pisces,suggests you could be the cause of a broken marriage or love affair.

  If you are a gemini,suggests that you need to be more expressive and focus your energies on more fruitful or worthwhile endeavors.

  If you are a cancer,suggests that a close friend will either get sick or be humiliated in some social situation.

  If you are a leo,suggesting that it is time for a change.

  Different Time

  in the night,suggest that you can identify your goals.

  in the midnight,signify that you are feeling confused about your ideas and feelings, even perhaps overpowering emotions.

  in the early morning,signifies that aspects of your emotions and/or character are too tightly controlled or that are repressed.

  in the morning,signifies an end to your greedy or lazy nature.

  in the noon,represents your basic desires and instincts.

  in the afternoon,represents the future, high tech, energy that knows how to be soft yet powerful.

  in the evening,means gaining honor, dignity, blessings in ones life, profits and a good fame, developing spiritual inner insight, or becoming a business manager.

  What do you feel like in your dream?


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