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what does it mean to dream about someone wearing a big wrist watch

  what does it mean to dream about someone wearing a big wrist watch,suggests that you started questioning your identity.

  1:signify compartmentalized feelings and that you are attempting to contain, restrain, understand and/or make light of the mystery of life.

  2:represents the spiritual ideals, virtue, truth, and beauty.

  3:represent that you are maximizing your personal resources and tapping into your infinite spiritual source that doesnt run out.

  4:predicts illness of a serious nature.

  5:may be trying to escape from some situation or some other responsibility in your waking life.

what does it mean to dream about someone wearing a big wrist watch

  If you are a woman,tells pleasant enterprises, either of a business or social nature.

  If you are a woman,represent your feelings about someone you love who has died.

  If you are a boy,denotes that soon you will overcome a period of indecision.

  If you are a girl,denotes your desire to end a hardship youre experiencing.

  If you are a teacher,indicates that you are worried for their well-being.

  If you are a student,indicate an illness - you should get a medical checkup.

  If you are a old man,indicate that you have the power of endurance.

  If you are a young man,indicates you"re pressured and agitated to beat the clock, particularly in a situation you are currently involved in.

  If you are a police,may be concerned with not being accepted because of your beliefs or behaviors.

  If you are a patient,indicates feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability.

  If you are a employee,may indicate a desire to celebrate lifes milestones and key experiences.

  If you are a businessman

,mean a loss of a specific quality or feeling you have towards someone.

  If you are a driver,meaning belongs to the realm of feelings and you may simply be trying to get rid of bad feelings.

  If you are a fitter,means death, losses and political changes in the country.

  If you are a blue collar,means following ones desires and passions.

  If you are a pharmacist,means steadfastness and assiduousness in ones profession, liveliness and vivacity.

  If you are a barber,means that his wife may get sick.

  If you are a photographer,means that we are feeling something lost in life.

  If you are a Lawyer,means that you are scared of losing.

  If you are a journalist,means that you seem to be scared of new changes in your life.

  If you are a manager,means the need to move up in life, either at a personal or professional level.

  If you are a babysitter,means youre taking things too personally in life.

  If you are a bodyguard,refers to a hidden danger that is lurking over you.

  If you are a sales staff,refers to your need to hone your inner and outer strengths and strive to be emotionally mature.

  If you are a it staff,represent a dark passage in life where you may have to confront your fears.

  If you are a engineer,represent his fears and doubts about his own ability to handle his vulnerability.

  If you are a cook,represent the direction of sexual concerns or personal and psychological transformation.

  If you are a farmer,represent the way you perceive or react to the world around you.

  If you are a widow,representative of being victimized by another.

  If you are a expectant mother,represents a loss of control.

  If you are a trainman,represents an exceptionally beautiful woman.

  If you are a consultant,represents someone who suffers from a serious illness, and is oflittle or no use to others.

  Different Horoscope

  If you are a virgo,you need to stop rejecting other people"s ideas.

  If you are a libra,warning to escape, to move from one field into another, or it could mean suffering from jealousy, perfidy or lies.

  If you are a scorpio,tells that you will earn enough money to live as you wish.

  If you are a aquarius,tell you that you can and should allow yourself to put yourself in an environment in which you can hold onto your own kind of freedom and privacy so that you can feel like a normal human.

  If you are a capricorn,symbolizes lament and remorse.

  If you are a sagittarius,symbolize the way that we maneuver, or get through, a segment of our lifes journey.

  If you are a aries,symbolic of exposing crown chakra to higher learner and truth, dedication of self to spiritual growth.

  If you are a taurus,symbol of fusion and integration.

  If you are a pisces,suggests you must seek to uncover a false friend in your sphere.

  If you are a gemini,suggests that you are not paying enough attention to what someone is trying to tell you.

  If you are a cancer,suggests that an uncomfortable situation that you have been subjected to by your friends has caused you much stress and unhappiness.

  If you are a leo,suggesting the unknown or ignored feelings that are on you.

  Different Time

  in the night,suggest a need to withhold or withdraw love or freedom.

  in the midnight,signify that your temperature, metaphorically speaking, is too high; perhaps due to attraction that you feel for someone.

  in the early morning,signifies unexpected favors will fall within your grasp.

  in the morning,signifies happiness of a pleasing character, but of short duration.

  in the noon,represents your feeling about something not going the way you"d like.

  in the afternoon,represents the ability to persevere and endure hardship.

  in the evening,denotes that your prospects will be favorable in fortune, and love will prove no laggard in your chase for pleasure.

  What do you feel like in your dream?


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