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Dream About Wedding cake Meaning

  Dream of Wedding cake meaning?

  Wedding cake featured in a dream is a lucky omen, but can be also a bad omen.Wedding cake can be seen in dreams in a number of different ways and have a number of different meanings.they could be perceived as warnings based on dreamers’ previous life experiences.

Wedding cake

  1.What does it mean to Wedding cake in a dream?

  denotes success in marriage.

  2.What does dream about fresh Wedding cake means?

  denotes your fear of acknowledgment of being betrayed by a person you trusted.

  3.What does dream about stale Wedding cake means?

  implies that you need to examine a situation more carefully.

  4.Dreaming of delicious Wedding cake?

  indicates that you are desperate to get a grasp of a problem or situation.

  5.What does it mean to dream of eat Wedding cake?

  indicates that you need to watch your spending.

  6.Dreaming of throw away the Wedding cake?

  may be involved in a scandal.

  What does the color about Wedding cake foretells in your dream?

  7.To dream of red Wedding cake?

  represent the fear that projects or emotional relationships will not end well.

  8.To dream of yellow Wedding cake?

  represents a husband, protection or an ornament.

  9.To see blue Wedding cake in a dream?

  represents ones ornaments, children, a rich wife, wealth or a profitable business.

  10.To dream of green Wedding cake?

  represents the light needed to guide you in life.

  11.To see purple Wedding cake in a dream?

  signifies distinct stages of your life.

  12.To dream of black Wedding cake?

  signifies strength or a dispute with someone or disruption, dispersion or a fight.

  13.Dreaming of white Wedding cake?

  suggest tha: it is time to plant seeds for a new beginning or to cultivate tow ideas into a project.

  14.Dreaming of orange Wedding cake?

  suggests a level of deceit or misdirection in your life.

  15.To see pink Wedding cake in a dream?

  suggests that something in your life is out of control.

  16.To dream of brown Wedding cake?

  suggests that you are lacking a certain quality that the loved one represents.

  17.To dream of gray Wedding cake?

  suggests that you will encounter difficulties in life.

  18.To dream of silver Wedding cake?

  symbol of danger or enlightenment.

  19.To see gold Wedding cake in a dream?

  warning against being wasteful, but also power, recognition, and energy.

  20.To dream of multicolored Wedding cake?

  tells good news, but also fluctuations in health.

  Different people dream of Wedding cake indicates what?

  21.A man dreams of Wedding cake?

  symbolizes sensibility and positive ideas.

  22.If a woman dreams of Wedding cake?

  symbolize the device that the conscious mind uses to protect itself from the unconscious.

  23.If a boy dreams of Wedding cake?

  you need to address in order to be successful.

  24.A girl dreaming about Wedding cake?

  you need to let go of something or change your habits.

  25.A teacher dreaming about Wedding cake?

  represents a leader, a teacher or a governor.

  26.A student dreaming about Wedding cake?

  represents the feminine containing principle, perhaps some aspect of mothering or of conservation which we recognize within our lives.

  27.A child dreaming about Wedding cake?

  represents your fear about a recent task.

  28.A worker dreaming about Wedding cake?

  signifies financial gain or cash prize.

  29.A businessman dreaming about Wedding cake?

  suggesting emotional conflict in your life.

  30.A driver dreaming about Wedding cake?

  suggests that your abilities and talents are going unnoticed.

  What is the dream psychology around Wedding cake in dreams?


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