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Dream About three-pronged spear Meaning

  What does it mean to dream of three-pronged spear?

  This dream often symbolizes own Relatives.Our dreams are very powerful in helping us understand what might be going on in our lives.Dreaming about the three-pronged spear can be both negative or positive depending on the other objects or details of the dream.

three-pronged spear

  1.if your in a dream sees three-pronged spear means?

  implies that there are issues which have been disturbing a person whom you are familiar with and you will need to handle it for them.

  2.What does it mean to dream about buying three-pronged spear?

  indicate your sweet, angelic quality.

  3.To find a three-pronged spear means?

  indicates that someone in your life in not really there for you.

  4.if you were stealing three-pronged spear in the dream means?

  indicates that you will amass fortune through the schemes and speculations of strangers.

  5.What does it mean to dream about dirty three-pronged spear?

  may be an assurance you that your are moving in the right directions.

  6.If you dream about old three-pronged spear means?

  may be luckv for us in the sense that it can forewarn us of approaching danger.

  7.If you dream about broken three-pronged spear means?

  may feel fear or guilt, which indicates that you are repressing one of your acts or thoughts.

  8.If you dream of Repair three-pronged spear means?

  may likewise be treated as a warning to exercise caution in your dealings and relationships.

  9.If you dream about many three-pronged spear means?

  may present a negative aspect: the unconscious may seem to be threatening the conscious egos attempts to maintain order in your life.

  11.What does it mean to dream about giving three-pronged spear to someone?

  means earning unlawful money through deceitful actions and corruption.

  12.If you dream about big three-pronged spear means?

  means living under acceptable conditions, or experiencing the gifts of life between exhilaration and deflation.

  13.What does it mean to dream about little three-pronged spear?

  means that someone will bring glad tidings.

  14.If you dream of kill people by three-pronged spear means?

  means you are feeling balanced and in control of your emotions.

  What does the color about three-pronged spear denote in your dream?

  15.Dreaming of red three-pronged spear?

  representation that your life is stuck on repeat; you are following the same pattern each day and are in a rut.

  16.Dreaming of yellow three-pronged spear?

  represents festivities,joy, happiness, death, illness, guidance, knowledge, wanting something, or crying for it.

  17.To dream of blue three-pronged spear?

  represents hidden aggression that you need to acknowledge.

  18.To see green three-pronged spear in a dream?

  represents your ability to tackle life"s issues and problems with confidence and decisiveness.

  19.Dreaming of purple three-pronged spear?

  signifies protection against any hostile influences around you.

  20.To dream of black three-pronged spear?

  signifies that part of our life journey that we are able to undertake in the company of others.

  21.To dream of white three-pronged spear?

  signify someone who must prove his worth through acts of strength yet who still appears inept or clumsy.

  22.To see orange three-pronged spear in a dream?

  suggest you will get a surprise.

  23.Dreaming of pink three-pronged spear?

  suggests that there may be too much on your plate at this time.

  24.To dream of brown three-pronged spear?

  suggests that you are looking back at the past and realizing what youve been through and how you got to the point you are at now.

  25.Dreaming of gray three-pronged spear?

  symbol may also be a metaphor for something shocking.

  26.Dreaming of silver three-pronged spear?

  symbolic role of perseverance and strength in the face of difficulties.

  27.To dream of gold three-pronged spear?

  symbolize a desire to release and let go of past transgressions, to correct your mistakes, make amends, and forgive and forget a hurtful word or deed.

  28.To see multicolored three-pronged spear in a dream?

  telling you that you are too worried with externals.

  Different people dream about three-pronged spear means what?

  29.A man dreams about three-pronged spear?

  symbolizes foolishness and bewilderment.

  30.If a woman dreams about three-pronged spear?

  symbolize swift movement, Jer.

  31.If a boy dreams about three-pronged spear?

  you need to be sure that you do not miss.

  32.A girl dreaming about three-pronged spear?

  you need to proceed carefully to avoid being ambushed or blindsided, especially by malicious coworkers, friends or enemies.

  33.A teacher dreaming about three-pronged spear?

  represents a calamity, and when light, it is a blessing.

  34.If a student dreams of three-pronged spear?

  represents the light needed to guide you in life.

  35.If a child dreams about three-pronged spear?

  signifies absolute happiness and prosperity in waking life.

  36.A worker dreaming about three-pronged spear?

  signifies completion of your tasks.

  37.A businessman dreaming about three-pronged spear?

  suggest you might be to agreeable in your life, hinting being a push over.

  38.If a driver dreams of three-pronged spear?

  suggests you are going through a tense internal transformation and renewal.

  What is the dream psychology around three-pronged spear in dreams?


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