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Dream About time bomb Meaning

  What does it mean to dream about time bomb?

  Dreaming about the time bomb can be both negative or positive depending on the other objects or details of the dream.Dreams about time bomb are quite common.time bomb are often associated with love.there are dream symbols which may be difficult to fathom, and a deeper understanding and analysis of life’s circumstances is needed in order to form a cogent connection to the dream visions themselves.

time bomb

  1.if your in a dream sees time bomb means?

  implies a cluttered mind that is starting to cause anxiety and dysfunction.

  2.if you were buying time bomb in the dream?

  indicate passion, vitality and above all the beginning of a new start in life.

  3.To find a time bomb means?

  indicates that you are being belittled and undermined.

  4.What does it mean to dream that your time bomb is stolen?

  indication that you may be singled out for some reason.

  5.What does it mean to dream about dirty time bomb?

  may be an image of the internal work your soul is undertaking.

  6.If you dream about old time bomb means?

  may be office gossip or politics at work.

  7.What does it mean to dream about broken time bomb?

  may be subconsciously worried that someone may try to take advantage of you.

  8.If you dream of Repair time bomb means?

  may lurk a deceitful or even dangerous situation.

  9.What does it mean to dream about many time bomb?

  may thus elude to some painful or difficult memory.

  11.What does it mean to dream about giving time bomb to someone?

  means changing of his condition, losing rank, losing business, or his death.

  12.What does it mean to dream about big time bomb?

  means prosperity, indisputable control, or a license to operate someone elses assets.

  13.If you dream about mini time bomb means?

  means that you are lacking sympathy in your walking life.

  14.What does it mean to dream about kill people by time bomb?

  means to restore your strength and focus before darting back to your busy routine.

  What does the color about time bomb implies in your dream?

  15.To dream of red time bomb?

  represent the pillars of ones house, the head of a household, ones wife, ones husband, son, master, earnings, business, vehicle, or wealth.

  16.To dream of yellow time bomb?

  represents a passageway of self-discovery.

  17.To dream of blue time bomb?

  represents his commitment, an agreement, a covenant, an oath, reminiscence or memories.

  18.Dreaming of green time bomb?

  represents your frustration as well.

  19.To dream of purple time bomb?

  signal to take better care of yourself or get a checkup.

  20.To see black time bomb in a dream?

  signifies unfavorable outcomes and displeasures in your waking life.

  21.To see white time bomb in a dream?

  signify working toward high ideals.

  22.To dream of orange time bomb?

  suggest that you are not absorbing information or paying significant attention to something important in your waking life.

  23.To dream of pink time bomb?

  suggests integrating the positive qualities of the person into ones own consciousness, rather than projecting them on to the other.

  24.To dream of brown time bomb?

  suggests that you are feeling cold toward someone - perhaps you dont care for them as much as they care for you.

  25.Dreaming of gray time bomb?

  suggests your anxiety about measuring up when it comes to achieving your goals.

  26.To see silver time bomb in a dream?

  symbol that you will have a major change in your life.

  27.Dreaming of gold time bomb?

  tells that trouble over small matters will assail you.

  28.To dream of multicolored time bomb?

  tells good fortune in both love and financial affair.

  Different people dream about time bomb means what?

  29.A man dreaming about time bomb?

  symbolizes the completion of a spiritual action, the finishing touches.

  30.If a woman dreams about time bomb?

  symbolize synergy in your life and within yourself, and that everything is coming together for you.

  31.If a boy dreams of time bomb?

  you need to be careful about what you say to others.

  32.If a girl dreams about time bomb?

  represent your hidden attempt to buy the attention of others.

  33.If a teacher dreams about time bomb?

  represents beneficial knowledge, sincerity in ones words and actions, and his innermost righteousness.

  34.If a student dreams about time bomb?

  represents your behavior, manipulation of and relationships with others.

  35.A child dreaming about time bomb?

  represents your fear of bigger responsibilities.

  36.If a worker dreams about time bomb?

  suggest the need to dry out or air out the emotional issues that interfere with your progress.

  37.If a businessman dreams of time bomb?

  suggests barriers and restrictions in your thoughts and emotions.

  38.If a driver dreams about time bomb?

  symbol of following the herd without individual mindfulness.

  Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of time bomb?


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